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Riaan G.


Maneater Shark RPG Review Xbox

This game has been on my radar since Tripwire began development on it. There is something primal about the ability to play as a shark and wreak havoc wherever you go. Concept This is a brilliant concept and something completely…


Gears 5 Review

Gear 5 launched just over 20 days ago and it is hands down the best game I have played so far. The reasons are as follows. First, we will cover the campaign, this has always been a star for the…


Gears 5 Horde Beware

I am a gears fanatic; from the first lancet sound, I was hooked into this wonderful world of the humans fighting to save their world. Gears 5 is weeks away from being released and the anticipations are eating away at…


Borderlands 3 is around the corner

Borderlands has always been a fan favorite here at Skygamers and with the new installment ( finally ) and we are ready to rain bullets. Borderlands 3 stays true to the formula of old. This includes the same cartoon graphics…


Blizzard cans HGC

Blizzards have announced that is canceling Heroes of the storm competitive league dubbed Heroes Global Championship. This caused a massive uproar with players of the league as well as organizers of the tournaments. Some players have colourful words to say…


World War Z, get ready

If you watched the movie you would know that the zombie’s world war z is no joke. They are not the slow and dumb variety you find in the walking dead. Saber interactive stated the zombie game would be available…