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Gears 5 Horde Beware

I am a gears fanatic; from the first lancet sound, I was hooked into this wonderful world of the humans fighting to save their world.

Gears 5 is weeks away from being released and the anticipations are eating away at my brain. At sky gamers, we have been following the journey closely. From the new multiplayer modes, revised horde and more open world story campaign. This time around the coalition has not just made a remaster but a new game altogether.

For obvious reasons, there are not many details on the campaign with regards to what the story will hold, and I am happy about that. There are rumors that Carmine is back ?. The story has always been rich with proper storytelling and a nice blend of comedy, heart, and soul. We did take part in the Gears 5 Tech test and my first findings are that game has sped up compared to previous additions. There is a new mode called escape what put three gears, each with unique abilities to escape a map after detonating a gas bomb. You are scored on speed and players can create their own escape room for other players to master.

Recently Horde gameplay was shown indicating perks that can be bought while leveling. Each player now has a superweapon. This can vary from shooting through walls, going invisible or controlling a horde combatant. There are a couple of nice changes that let you know that they have created something different. The campaign mode now offers three players to play at once, ok yes you are controlling jack but still. 

For Xbox pass ultimate you will be greeted with a nice Terminator dark fate character pack as part of the ultimate edition along with booster packs for the first couple of days. One thing to note is that this time around there is no game pass so let’s hope this means free DLC’s for all.