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SkyGamers Plays Gran Turismo Sport

SkyGamers Plays Gran Turismo Sport

We’ve got some footage from our Gran Turismo Sport session in our new video, SkyGamers Plays Gran Turismo Sport.  If you love racing and cars, like us, then its worth a peek.

Here at SkyGamers, we love cars.  The faster and louder the better.  We love cars almost as much as we love gaming.  Tonight, we get to share that love for cars with some gameplay video from the last in the series of The Real Driving Simulator, Gran Turismo Sport.  In the new video SkyGamers Plays Gran Turismo Sport, I take one of my favorite performance coupe’s, the awesome BMW M4, around the track against some AI.  Mainly because I usually get slaughtered online by real drivers.  Plus I need to make this car look good, so AI it is.

One of the guys in the team decided to pass on Gran Turismo Sport because of its lack of content and the annoyance of always online.  To some extent, I do agree with him, but when it comes to the driving, its a class of one.  I love Project Cars and Forza as much as the next person, but in my book, nothing comes close to GTS’ attention to detail.  Not just in the cars, but the way they feel in the hands (erhh…controller…you know what I mean).

It’s hard to take my word for it, so instead I’m going to show what it looks like.  Perhaps, it might sway you to give this phenomenal game a try.  Check out our video below.  Happy Racing!

SkyGamers Plays Gran Turismo Sport Video



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