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Podcast Announcement

SkyGamers & BlueMonkeyWazza Podcast Announcement

And just like that out of nowhere, we drop some brand new content we think you are absolutely going to love. Here’s a little sneak peak behind the curtains of this Podcast announcement

Podcast Announcement

I guess the above Image is a bit of a spoiler alert to what this Podcast Announcement is all about. So we’re not going to waste much time and just go ahead and say it. YES! BlueMonkeyWazza in collaboration with yours truly, will be launching The Partychat Podcast very very soon. It’s a very exciting new venture that we can’t wait to explore. What is in store for viewers and listeners, is SkyGamers and BlueMonkeyWazza diving into all sorts of conversations to do with all things gaming. Basically, messing around and having fun with this awesome new long form format.

For Episode One, we talk about and review the recently released Resident Evil Village. And don’t worry if you are a Spoiler-phobe, we’ll give you ample warning when we get to all the spoilery bits. But there’s more, thanks to Sponsor GameFinity, we have a little surprise to our Episode One viewers who will be watching the entirety of the show. So stay tuned to our Social Media Pages as well as Blue Monkey Wazza’s social media pages for more info. Once we’ve wrapped up Episode One, we’ll dive into other topics like The Last of Us Part II, replaying the game on PS5 and plenty more to be revealed soon.

Don’t forget, follow us on our Social Media Pages (you’ll find the links in the Icons at the top right corner of the page) and for All of Blue Monkey Wazza’s links check out his Linktree right here: (https://linktr.ee/BlueMonkeyWazza). Here’s a little Sneak Peek from Blue Monkey Wazza’s YouTube Channel below. The PartyChat Podcast Episode One Premiers Tomorrow (26 May 2021) at 7 PM South African Time on Both Blue Monkey Wazza YouTube Channel and SkyGamers YouTube Channel. Don’t be Late! Happy-Podcast-Gaming!

Blue Monkey Wazza Resident Evil Village Teaser Video


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