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White PS4 Pro

Meet the gorgeous new White PS4 Pro

What a thing of beauty!  Sandwich and all.  Meet the gorgeous new White PS4 Pro that will be hitting store shelves soon.  That’s if you’re a Destiny fan.  Look, step inside and I’ll share the details.

So yes, the long awaited White PS4 Pro is finally making its way to gamers.  Except, Sony went and made it a Destiny 2 Bundle exclusive.  So great news for fans of Destiny 2 who happen to want a PS4 Pro with their purchase.  Yay!  Not so great news for the rest of the gamers who just want the colour and not the game.  Well I’ve already made my choice and bought the Day-one-stock-black console so it’s too late for me.  Plus my entire entertainment centre is filled with black consoles and Home Theatre system that the white console would look out of place.

Still, its a gorgeous looking thing.  And I know one of our writers is a huge fan of White coloured consoles (“just to be different” he says!), and he still got the OG PS4 so maybe he might swing for one of these.  So what do you guys think of it?  Love it or hate it?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.  Happy Gaming!



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