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Borderlands 3 is around the corner

Borderlands has always been a fan favorite here at Skygamers and with the new installment ( finally ) and we are ready to rain bullets.

Borderlands 3 stays true to the formula of old. This includes the same cartoon graphics and obviously he billion guns to your disposal. We follow four new vault hunters through their journey.

I am sure that future DLC will provide more vault hunter to follow. True to form each vault hunter has three-tier skills to use based on the player’s play style. It seems there will be great boss battles and great multiplayer options.    

There are lots of ways to customize your character with the perfect loadout, and speaking of guns there is one called buttplug which encourages you to put it … you know where. Borderland also sticks with their unique comedy material plentiful. Borderlands excels with the same ingredients in the winning formula. The playstyle is right from borderlands 2 playbooks. A new player to the series might find some time to get in the groove. Borderlands have always had a vast open-world feel and you can be sure there will be lots of mission to keep you busy. There has been a lot of focus on multiplayer like sharing guns via email and interesting new ideas.

No game is perfect and there is some irritating factor that stands out to me. One of which is the way some areas graphics make it difficult to make out what you are looking at. In a firefight with other players, this can be distracting, to say the least. The second complaint is that I would call it “safe”. It does not break the bank or did something radical with this addition and it feels like a missed opportunity in my eyes.

Borderlands will land soon and our pre-order copies are waiting to launch day to get our slice of the loot.


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