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Gears 5 Review

Gear 5 launched just over 20 days ago and it is hands down the best game I have played so far. The reasons are as follows.

First, we will cover the campaign, this has always been a star for the franchise. Please note that there are no spoilers in this review. The details of the blog contain the information that was part of the trailer or common knowledge. The story picks up straight after the events of Gears 4. The campaign has rich detail and good script writing. There are two main changes, one is that there is a sort of open world feel to the later chapters. The second is the length, it will take you longer to finish for sure even if you do not look around for collectables.

The one thing that I really like is that there is no story arch to lots of other characters. In turn they run with Kate’s story from start to finish. This makes you more involved in the game. A nice change up is that you can now play three people (ok a robot) in campaign co-op. Jack is not a player in the sense of the word but at least you have jobs to do. There is a wonderful twist towards the end ( naturally ) but one that I did not see coming at all. This shows that the coalition has turned the game around and put their own spin on it. The graphics are good but not revolutionary, maybe we have to wait for project scarlet.

Multiplayer has always been the other branch where gears excels. The default game modes are still there like team deathmatch, guardian and king of the hill. There are new weapons, new maps and new characters that you can customize like before. I am not sure how much content is going to be added but I feel it is lacking compared to gears 4. The gameplay changes make the game feel sped up. It takes much quicker to finish set games. I am impressed with what they have done with this new edition.

Brand new to the series is the new escape mode. You and two other people infiltrate the hive in a very strange way, plant a bomb and must escape before the gas catches up to you. In the beginning I was not a fan of this but it has grown on me now. You are pressed for time, ammunition and there is a real sense of danger because if one of your teammates dies. I always like to see new items brought into the game

Horde which is by far my personal favorite is back in full force and it does not play around. They have introduced a sort of hero mode. Each character has a unique ability, for instance Kait can go invisible, other can shoot through walls. Each player has a perks system that can be bought with power in between waves. The game difficulty ramps up quickly, for instance the first jump in difficulty states that if everybody dies there is no restarts, do not mess it up.

Gears 5 is awesome but not perfect and the one item on my dislike’s column is a big one. Loot boxes, yes, I did say it. Gears has two currency, the normal scrap that can be earned the normal way by playing the game and getting duplicate items. The second currency is iron. You can only earn a very few amounts and if you want the nice cosmetic items you will have to part with real money. I know the game does not have a game pass anymore but I feel that this is just yet another way of making more money from a triple a title that should be giving us a full game. With gears 4 you could grind to get your hands on those cosmetics.

To sum up, I love gears 5 and have loved gears from day one and unless they really muck it up I will love it for years to come.


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