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Maneater Shark RPG Review Xbox

This game has been on my radar since Tripwire began development on it. There is something primal about the ability to play as a shark and wreak havoc wherever you go.


This is a brilliant concept and something completely different from the conventional genre in gaming. The main campaign is the classic revenge story, avenging the hunter that killed your mother. Your goal is to consume nutrients to grow through the various stages of shark life. Everything you consume will give you some sort of nutrients. Whether it be wildlife, humans, or an array of fish species. There are also nutrient caches spread across the map to assist with growth.

As you grow your shark gets stronger, increases in size ( mass ), and increases leap. You gain abilities and modifications to your shark. You can equip different organs to assist with your growth or a passive health boost. There are certain set to complete to gain passive buffs but you can mix and match if you want. These modification does change the look and feel of your shark. You can be a fish out of the water and I could duplicate my childhood fears of swimming in someone’s residential pool

Do not get me wrong I really enjoyed playing this game but there is some issue I have with this game. The biggest problem in my view is that the game is very repetitive. You bite everything in sight, yes in the beginning it is satisfactory to flop around and eat humans, but it gets stale very quickly.

This is the same story when to the fighting hunters. The boat gets bigger and their level is increased but with my shark setup, I was not really in any danger of dying. The game does offer side quest in the form of collecting license plates and landmarks and fighting apex predators ( which is over rather quickly ). Something to note is that you have to backtrack to previous sections as you will not be able to complete it until your shark bigger.

There are some bugs with the game and I did experience the common issue where the game would freeze and kick me out. Currently, there is no reason for me to replay the game, which makes it feel like a one-hit-wonder. I know that they are busy with DLC content but not sure when this will be released. These kinds of games make me think about what else is possible. Could I play as a lion roaming the African planes or a dinosaur?

Time to hunt
The big blue sea

You can get more detail of the game on the developer’s site https://www.tripwireinteractive.com/#/maneater


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