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Gears 5 Horde Beware

I am a gears fanatic; from the first lancet sound, I was hooked into this wonderful world of the humans fighting to save their world. Gears 5 is weeks away from being released and the anticipations are eating away at…


Borderlands 3 is around the corner

Borderlands has always been a fan favorite here at Skygamers and with the new installment ( finally ) and we are ready to rain bullets. Borderlands 3 stays true to the formula of old. This includes the same cartoon graphics…


PS5 Needs to fix this one issue

We know the PS5 is coming and it’ll be packing serious heat. However, dear Sony, we need to talk about something that’s gotta go. Sony and Microsoft have both shown just a few of the cards they’re holding for the…

PS5 Details

How Close were we about PS5 Details?

Mark Cerny has dropped some PS5 Details recently. It’s going to be a beast no doubt. But how close were we when we fantasy put together a PS5 of our own? Let’s take a look. We’re on the precipice of…

Xbox One SAD Edition

Lets Talk about the Xbox One SAD Edition

Yes, it’s not really called the Xbox One SAD Edition but somehow it does leaves me a little SAD about it’s existence. Today, I’m going to debate whether it’s Good for Gaming or Bad. So Microsoft is releasing the Xbox…