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Xbox One SAD Edition

Lets Talk about the Xbox One SAD Edition

Yes, it’s not really called the Xbox One SAD Edition but somehow it does leaves me a little SAD about it’s existence. Today, I’m going to debate whether it’s Good for Gaming or Bad.

So Microsoft is releasing the Xbox One SAD Edition. Apologies, I can’t seem to stop myself. It’s the All-Digital Edition. Basically what you get for your $249 USD (South African pricing not confirmed at time of writing) is a 1TB Xbox One S sans the 4K Blu-ray Disc player. Oh, and Microsoft decided to bundle in 3 games with it so you can try out this new fangled solution to your gaming console problems. Sure there are people who are in the favourable camp for this product and then there are those who aren’t really sure about it. Personally, I have my reservations. Today we take a look at both the Pros and Cons of this device and try and see whether it’s Good for Gaming or Bad. Let’s get to it.


  1. Quick Switch Between games – This is a pretty darn big quality of life improvement. Nothing really makes you hate switching between games like getting off your couch and taking the disc out the console. Placing the disc in a cover and picking the new game and popping it into your console. Imagine all the time you’ll be saving by switching games on the fly while lounging on the couch. This is a biggie!
  2. No more losing Games to Friends – Nothing ruins a great friendship like a buddy borrowing a game, only for you to never see it again. Because reseasons says so-called-friend. With Digital only games, sorry buddy can’t borrow it to you, you’ll have to buy your own copy or watch my stream. Ouch!
  3. Awesome Xbox Store Deals – Bargain bin divers will attest to this one true fact. Physical copies get cheap sometimes, but nothing as cheap as the awesome deals on the Xbox Store. You could literally build your entire gaming collection just on Deals for Gold. If you patient enough to wait for the deals, that is.
  4. Game Pass Ultimate is your friend – If you are already on the awesome Subscription service Game Pass, then you are already good for a digital-only lifestyle. Ultimate Game Pass bundles both Xbox Live and Game Pass as a one-stop subscription based gaming heaven. All the games you can eat for one reasonable price. Provided you have the Disk space to match.


  1. You Don’t own the games – Contrary to popular beliefs when it comes to digital titles, you only own the license to use the game but not the actual game itself. Should a licensing issue arise (With the Publisher) and the game removed from the storefront, guess what, if you don’t have it installed on your HDD, it’s potentially gone for good!
  2. Can’t Borrow Games from Friends – This is a double-edged sword. Sure you can’t lose games to friends, but you can’t get any from them either. No Disc Drive remember! You Taketh what you Giveth!
  3. Bye, Bye 4K Blu-Ray Movies – Jokes on you…physical discs??? Streaming is the future. Until your favourite movie is removed from Netflix/Hulu and the like…Don’t you now wish you had that disc?
  4. Game Pass games aren’t really yours – Don’t get me wrong, Game Pass is an awesome service for trying our games you either missed or likely were never going to purchase. But they’re not your games. Subscription ends, so does your access to the games. So many caveats with this digital life.
  5. BONUS PEAVE – Microsoft can lock you out for good – Say you are mistakenly banned from the Microsoft Xbox service, you might lose access to everything. Your entire digital library gone for good! If you had physical copies, I could still play my games offline to some degree.

There’s some compelling reasons on both sides of the camp to owning or avoiding the All Digital Xbox One. But what if this is just a test bed for the upcoming Xbox Next? Is that what you really want for your next gen console? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. Oh, and we’re back after a really long hiatus! Please don’t go away, more content will be coming soon! Sorry for the disappearing act. We’re Back for Good!