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New Conan game will be an RTS style coming 2019.

When you think of Conan you think of a man with immense strength, like a god of war game. To have it as an RTS is something new, so let’s see what it’s about.

Conan unconquered is in good hands because it is developed by command and conquer veterans.

As per Funcom has said that the game should be released next year on PC. The game is being developed by Pertroglyph Games which is also working on the command and conquer and red alert remaster. You are required to build a stronghold and then defensive buildings to stop the enemy. The game utilizes a wave system, so each wave will have increased numbers along with steady incline in difficulty.   

Everything happens in real time but pausing allows you to erect buildings. Like any game of this style, there are choices that need to be made. What technologies will you research? Like the mythology in games like this, you are able to summon avatar units. Obviously, you are able to dispatch Conan himself to the battlefield with his own unique abilities. You can go it alone or co-op by building a joint stronghold. I am excited to see how this will shape up and it sound like a nice twist on the hero. Keep it real and remember“never stop bashing those buttons”.

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