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Quake Campions ditches loot box system in update.

Quake Champions has finally taken the plunge and ditched the loot box amongst other things when the December patch rolls out.

The first issue that Quake Champsions have addressed is the rewards system. Gone are the loot box system and in its place will be a new pass system. The system as it stands has too many options like chests, backpacks, shards, runes. In the December update, the randomness will be removed. As a player, you will now unlock awesome rewards by just playing the game and completing daily and weekly challenges.

The currency will be free to earn and will have more value. Obviously, if you want the rare and exotic items you will have to earn them. You will be able to unlock certain items based on the championship. There will be shards and experience points. Experience points can be used to purchase new skins, shaders and vanity items. New championships can also be unlocked and your game pass can level up as well.

Like other games the battle pass change with each new season. A season is three months long, and if you acquire it late you will more value all the rewards till your current level. If you have any old items fear not as they will still be there after the update. More and more games are changing their rewards programs as this what keeps players playing the game. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons,