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Path of Exile Betrayal expansion now out.

Path of Exile has just released their expansion called betrayal. This huge free update adds a lot of value to this series. The update updates old leagues and puts them in the main game. There are new missions along with new masters.

The big news is the introduction of the ImmortalSyndicate. These no-good necromancy goons need to be stopped. To end their reign, you need to track down members of the originations divided into four groups. So, you stopped them but now what? Here comes the twist, yes you can kill them but why not interrogate them to get valuable intel.

Path of exile allows you to play our you good cop and bad cop fantasies. You can tell them that they want to hear and listen to them spilling their guts up their mates. Once you have had your fund it is time to take down the Syndicate mastermind. Hold your horses, before that you need to raid safehouses. Your reward for this is delightful loot. Remer high ranking members of the syndicate will try and stop you at every turn.  

It is refreshing to see games that are bound by a certain genre thinking out of the box by adding exiting elements into their games. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”.