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Mech Warriors coming 5 September 2019.

Mech Warrior 5  has been postponed for more than a year with mixed feelings. Let look at what to expect from the latest incarnation in the series.

The game is released by piranha games with president Russ Bullock at the helm. At MechCon they showcased the latest trailer. There was also a playable demo to see what is what. They pulled all the stops in the form of custom mech pod if you can call it. Each pod had a joystick, 4K screen, and vibrating chair to put you in the driver of these monsters.

It is still early days and there are lots of things to fix in the game. Some areas that need attention is the graphics, this need to be sharper and have more of a metallic feel. There seem to some issue with the IA that cannot match a human player. Although it has a strong single player I hammy to announce that it has multiplayer as well. I recall playing the first couple of installments. I love the fact that you can send a volley of missiles in the enemy direction.

We are eager to see what customization will come to fold. Will there be alternate game modes. Time will tell but be sure we will keep you updated ass the time get closer to release data. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”.



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