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Loot boxes linked to Children gambling addiction.

We are all aware of the loot box system employed by the various gaming studios. Does this lead to children becoming addictive to gambling?

Loot boxed are like a curse here at Sky Gamers. A new study has identified that loot boxes are the gateway drug to gambling. This does not surprise me one bit. You see various videos of people using real cash to buy various items. It is a bit of a snowball effect, it is like the more you spend the more you get, only to find out that it is not worth it, yet you still come back again.

There are various places to find loot boxes, most notability in games whether it be on, pc console, or mobile applications. The study has found that gambling has increase at arming rates especially in the United Kingdom over two years. It does not stop at loot boxes it was found that children aged between as young as 6 to 11 are properly gambling online. They are using their parents accounts to go into these sites.

With loot boxed on the increase in games I do not see the numbers coming down anytime soon. We have always been of the idea that loot boxes were made by the devil – well what do you know we were right. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”.

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