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What games are getting us exited for 2019.

If you are like us at team Skygamers we keep looking forward. With some tasty teasers released this year let see that will crack the nod for 2019.

Let kick it off with a monster called “ Anthem “.  This will be an open word epic story with lots of good news. Take some time and look at the new 45-minute gameplay launched recently, it is out of this world. If you believe the gossip it is said that this will be BioWare’s last shot. With the disappointing show of Mass Effect : Andromeda, Anthem needs to be on point. Maybe it is a good reason it keeps getting pushed back

Next on the watchlist is Divisions 2. We had a couple of runs at it at Rage 2018 and were pleasantly entertained. It is a boost from the first one that it is bigger, more complete and more entertaining. This time around there is more to do like raids and free expansions. This time around were heading to the Capital. We feel that Ubisoft has listened and paid attention to their customers.

My pick of the bunch is Gears Of War 5. If you are not familiar Gear of War 4 was done by a completely new team. I would venture out on a limb to say that they played it safe to give us the tried and tested recipe. You will see some big changes. For the first time, the lead will be a female protagonist. Get ready for more melee weapons and big and better guns. I believe this time around we will finally get all the answers of where did the Locust come from. I cannot wait to hear the launch data as I will have my pre-order money ready.

Some other memorable mentions are Devil May Cry 5, O yeas please Dante is back. Cyberpunk 2077 looks like a great RPG worth the wait. There will be some dark sheep like Days gone that might surprise you. Dead or alive 6 is less about giggle and more about fighting for a change, aa ok then. Whatever the poison you decide on 2019 is going to be a cracker. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”


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