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Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is getting ready for changes.

Like with any other media whether it be radio or television there is sensor rule. Gamin the same, so how does it affect Rainbow Six Siege.

Ubisoft wants to expand into the China market but there are some challenges. If you are new to the China environment note that there are lots of censor in place. This includes but not limited to images of violence, nudity, addition substance like drugs and even gambling is on the list. There are plenty of things that need to adjust to comply.

The real problem is that Ubisoft has expressed that they would not two versions. This means that the changes for one country will affect all the other players worldwide. You can just imagine that this did not fly with the gamer out there. My surprise is that other games do just that. Take Dota 2 as an example it knows what needed to be done, well-done Valve.

I am all for the censorship but it needs to be controlled and done in a proper way. It is a very big ask to make these changes. The artwork team has been tasked to remove anything that might be seen as taboo. Some of the images show where blood is removed from a painting. Other images show complete removal of slot machines and the striper on the pole is gone. There was mention of region lock but we do not think that it will make a difference.

It is not just the imagery that needs to be changed but age verification is also an important aspect in China. Tencent has introduced limits that sees children under 12 only able to game for one hour. From 12 to 18 two hours. Interesting to note that other gaming houses are replacing things like zombies with robots because oil is better than blood. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”