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Dirt Rally 2.0 on its way 2019

Dirt rally was as close as you could get to the real thing. It was challenging and pushed physics to a new realm. What does Dirt Rally 2.0 have in store?

They have been working updated vehicle handling. It was helped with enlisting real-world rally drivers, making sure that it on point. It will feature road degradation. This has a big bearing on when you start. If a couple of cars have departed before you, you know that the surface will be lose and the later you start the more challenging it will get.

Visually all games have to step up their act, but if the hardware stays the shame you need to use new tactics. Almost every aspect of the game has been upped. The details of the cars (inside and out). The environmental and location details have been brushed with a crisp wand. What is best part of rallying, yes to spectate the event. With this in mind the crowds look more alive.

The cars roster has been updated by paying homage to the rally cars of old. The games have looked at other rally games from old including arcade, PS1 and PS2. Six rally locations are included with weather playing it part with regards to the handling of the surface. Different modes have been added, including the era-based event.

The exciting news is the team mode. Update your vehicles, get the right team in the form of staff. Once ready compete against other teams. This is nice addition to keep it fresh and get an open world feel. The championship mode will see you progress through the ranks with increased difficulty. It is one thing to be a winner but can you stay in top spot? The game is set for release February 2019. Keep it real and remember “never stop bashing those buttons”