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XCOM 2 Review First impressions.

I fell in love with XCOM  when it debuted in 1994 on pc, long before the console wars. I fell in love with the idea if defending our planet from E.T. Many moons later we have a reboot as well as a sequel. Without delay, let’s hit it ….

I have kept to the shadows to make sure I do not get any spoilers as to what the end result was of our actions in Xcom. I am not going to lie I was really bummed to discover that we have lost the good fight. Reminds me of Egypt where people bowed to their new gods.

The exiting feel of new combat mechanics makes for easier gameplay in my opinion. The refreshed base layout and updated graphics is a welcome sight. No matter how careful you play someone is going to die and usually it will be your star athlete.

Now more than ever it is difficult to say goodbye to your favorite freedom fighter. I spend lots of time to get my squad just right and off the bat, in the next mission, I lost two souls because of my cowboy antics. The threat level is real with the turn-based clock system pushing you to make questionable decisions in the field.

Finishing only the first two missions I am ready to take this adventure ride to the end and cannot wait to spend more time with this pearl.


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