Enter Gaming Heaven


Impressions on new games, hardware, new expansions

Movember is in full swing so I look like Luigi Mario from Mario games.  The weekend is upon us, let’s take stock of what ‘s cooking in the gaming rooms.

There is not a lot of FPS games on the market with a solid single-player campaign and minimal to no multiplayer section. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is such a game and rejoice no loot box system or in-game purchases. The next installments deliver on every lever so the fans have nothing to fear. New guns\ game mechanics and the amount of time spent on this game is clean from start to finish.This is a no-brainer in my mind.

I recently found myself browsing gaming laptops just for kicks. Coming across an MSI stealth laptop.It is a very slick and capable machine with the price that is out of budget for most people. I do see the appeal of having a monster gaming desktop\laptop. It can be used for business and pleasure. I would rather spend my money elsewhere but each to his own.

If you are not familiar with Warframe then you are missing out. This third-person co-op action game is bucket loads of fun. The expansion plains of eidolon will drop on the 14 November 2017 on consoles. There will be a new day and night cycle with beautiful lit backdrops. During the day cycle, all games are available to players regardless of their experience. When night falls you better hide as the plains will be haunted by massive sentient, dare to take them on. There is a host of new weapons and other goodies to keep it fresh.With 30 million plus players strong this expansion will see these number grow. Take the plunge and did I mention it is free. Enjoy the weekend and keep button bashing.