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Guns Up PlayStaion 4 : Review

There have been times where I am busy updating my favourite game and have time to burn. I found the solution in a little gem via the PlayStation store called Guns Up. It falls under the strategy genre with action elements and is a real hoot.

This game combines strategy and a side scroller where you pit your defences and troops against other players. The game launches you into a small tutorial introducing you to the attacking section of the game. The instruction are easy to follow and everything is well paced not leaving you overwhelmed.

The games uses  different forms of currency like ammunitions which is your common currency to upgrade your base and build troops while attacking.  There is gold forming rare currency which one can purchase to hire elite troops, replay missions and progress through the games at a faster pace. Your base camp is where you build defences structures, upgrade buildings , add perks to different troops and use game cards. You will receive rations and missions each day that reward you by completing certain tasks during battles. The game encourages you to log in at least once a day as the rations progress to higher rewards each day till the end of the week. It’s very addictive game that pushes you to keep upgrading and develop your troops based on playing style

The gameplay is very easy to master and there’s no complicated button combinations needed to have a fun experience. The graphics are cartoon based with enough detail to keep the battlefield from feeling cluttered. As you upgrade buildings they upgrade to reflect the various levels. Customization comes in the form of banners and soldiers uniforms but will cost you gold.

Some of the downsides of the game are that you have to grind a lenghty time to get enough ammunitions or gold if you are not going the paid route to progress through the game at a steady pace. I really enjoyed this game and I think it does a great job of being what it set out to be and recommend you check it out.

Guns Up Battle