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Replay Review : Mortal Kombat X

In a recent post by the team, I mentioned that I missed Mortal Kombat X. The copy is in my hands so let see what the latest installment of the EPIC fighting franchise has to offer.

It was an injustice on my part not to get this game sooner as I loved the first games so much I even attended parties dressed as sub-zero. From the first punch, I was hooked all over again and could not stop.

The player roster is decent and with each character having three unique styles brings fresh new tactics and enhanced depth for each character.The story mode follows a linear flow with the usual quick time events and builds from the story in mk9 giving you a chance to fight a couple matches with different characters.

The tower systems can keep you occupied for server hours, from the classic tower, test your might (and controller buttons ) to the living towers that get updated with fresh challenges and gives you the ability to play with some of the DLC character’s if you do not have the XL version. The faction system is new to this installment with its own rewards, towers , challenges and fatalities to improving the faction of your choice.

Mortal Kombat X
Mortal Kombat X

The krypt offers a change from the blood and punishment and is essential for unlocking various items in the game like fatalities and alternate costumes. Inside the crypt certain items need to be collected to open various areas to progress further with krypt, there is also some jump moments that awaits you as you wonder amongst the graves ……

If you are all about trophies and unlocking everything in a game then you better strap in because you are going to be here for a while. The game lived up to all my expectations and more, I know another game can coin the phrase as the first real fighting game but MK will always be my favorite. I may have missed this one the first time round but this time “ get over here “