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Samuel T.


DOOM Review – 100th POST EDITION

Celebrating our 100th post with a massive bang.  To do that, I’ll be ripping and tearing into one of my favourite gaming franchises of all time.  Is this Return of King? We’ll find out soon.  This is the DOOM review.

Uncharted 4 Review

Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End Review

This is the big one folks.  The crown jewel of the PlayStation 4 and our Most Anticipated Game of 2016.  We’ve taken our time with this one, to explore its entirety.  This is the Uncharted 4 Review.


Overwatch Open Beta Preview

The Open Beta for Overwatch has officially come to a close.  We thought we would recollect our experience with the game and share our thoughts on what is an anticipated new IP from veteran Diablo studio, Blizzard.


Nioh Alpha Demo Preview

We take Geralt’s Japanese cousin for a spin in a Samurai-themed Dark Souls game.  Nioh is an upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive title, developed by the guys that brought us Ninja Gaiden and the awesome beat-em up Dead or Alive.


Whatcha Playin?

In this brand new segment, we take a peek behind the scenes.  See what games we play when we’re not getting the latest news or previewing/reviewing titles.  The results are somewhat interesting.