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Favourite Games of E3 2017

My Top 10 Favourite Games of E3 2017

E3 has come and gone and for the most part, it was a solid showing.  I reflect on my Top 10 Favourite Games of E3 2017 that are definitely making it to my shopping cart on release day.

Well, this year is moving at a breakneck pace.  Could’ve sworn just a while ago I was excited about hearing more about Project Scorpio.  Now E3 has come and gone and we’ve got our eye to the last half of the year’s releases.  There were tons of games shown off at E3, not just the press conferences but on the show floor too.  After spending the last week combing through all the news and info that released during E3 week, I was finally able to put together my Top 10 Favourite Games of E3 2017.  With all the amazing announcements and games shown, it was really hard getting it down to a mere 10.  There’s definitely titles I’d really also like to have that just missed the list for various reasons.  Sorry, Destiny 2, I still love you. That goes for you too Assasins Creed Origins even if I’m still a little sceptical.  With that taken care of, onwards to the list.

My Top 10 Favourite Games of E3 2017

10 – Star Wars Battlefront 2

DICE has listened to every single complaint we threw at them about the first Star Wars Battlefront.  This serves as a huge “I’m Sorry!” from them.  Star Wars Battlefront II will have the most content, largest roster of heroes from every Star Wars Era as well as the long requested Single Player campaign.  I’m still enjoying the multiplayer battles of the first one until this arrives.   Then you can bet I’m Nuking Battlefront I from my HDD.  Plus, can’t wait to kill Rebel scum as the gorgeous Commander Idel Versio.

9 – Gran Turismo Sport

The battle of the Sim Racers is about to heat up.  After having spent the past two weeks playing the Closed Beta, Gran Turismo Sport is bringing its end game.  Looking superbly polished with fantastic gameplay and photo realistic graphics.  Polyphony is once again the Real Driving Simulator to beat.  Hold tight to those steering wheel folks, Game On!

8 – Metro Exodus

Within seconds of this game being shown off at Microsoft’s E3 presentation, I knew I was looking at the new Metro game.  Holy smokes it looks amazing.  With creepy, suffocating underground atmosphere and dangerous vast open plains of the surface.  Metro Exodus is looking like a must-have game to show off those beautiful Xbox One X  (And PS4 Pro, this ain’t an exclusive you know) 4K visuals.

7 – Uncharted The Lost Legacy

What happens when you pair the tough as nails Nadine Ross and morally flexible thieving, Chloe Fraser?  That’s exactly what fans are about to find out in the highly anticipated standalone expansion, Uncharted The Lost Legacy.  Chloe gets a crack at taking the lead in this team-up of these two Badass Heroines.  Bonus points to the game as its release is just around the corner.  Definite Day One Purchase for fans of the franchise.

6 – Forza Motorsport 7

If you want the number one game to show off your brand new Xbox One X’s “True 4K” 60 FPS visuals, Forza Motorsport 7 is it.  Sporting the most advanced Forza engine to date with that breathtaking native 4K resolution.  This one edges ahead of Gran Turismo not only cause of the visuals but also cause it will sport dynamic weather, day/night cycles and an expansive collection of cars (around 700) and tracks which are far more than the content available on GTS.  We’ll know which is best for sure when both titles release later this year.

5 – Wolfenstein II The New Colossus

BJ Blazkowics makes a triumphant return after the phenomenal first reboot of the franchise.  Expect the same duel wielding gunsplosions of the first game.  The completely “Bananas” story and of cause, LOTS OF NAZI KILLING!  In a shocking news from Bethesda, the game is actually out this year.  Holy smokes my wallet is going to take a beating.  But it will be worth it!

4 – Days Gone

The more I see of Days Gone, the more I want to explore its intriguing, brutal world.  Bend Studios drive home the message that in Days Gone, you are never truly safe.  A simple ride on your bike can end with an ambush and bandits trying to take you out.  Weather is completely dynamic which changes the behaviour of those zombies, excuse me “Freakers”.  And OMG those hordes!  Nuff said, Sold!  Shut up and take my money!

3 – God Of War

Kratos is a daddy, again.  But that won’t stop him from completely eviscerating anything that gets in his way.  The Demigod with a serious anger issue is back, only this time he seems to have calmed down to a mildly angry state.  I can almost hear him utter the words “You won’t like me when I’m angry!”.  What caught my by complete surprise is that the game was actually shown off on base PS4 hardware…with visuals so good, what does this thing look like on Pro?  We’ll only find out next year.

2 – Spider-Man

This game is screaming to be an Arkham killer.  And I couldn’t have picked a better superhero to take that title.  Peter Parker dons his tight Spider outfit in a completely original Spider-Man universe.  It’s looking fantastic with fighting mechanics very reminiscent of the Arkham games.  The humour and tone is spot on for any Spidey fans.  A lot of love has been poured into this game and I can’t wait to get my hand on it in 2018.

1 – Anthem

And here’s my number 1 game of E3 2017.  Bioware showed off this phenomenal looking 3rd person online shooter to the world and absolutely killed it.  Touted as a Destiny killer, Anthem looks simply amazing running on Xbox One X.  So this is where Bioware decided to use all their resources instead of the ill-fated Mass Effect Andromeda.  Not much about the story has been revealed so I’ll be waiting with bated breath to get any piece of info about this game.  Even worse is the long wait until its release sometime in 2018.  It is, by a large margin, my favourite game of E3 2017.

That’s it for my list.  What was your favourite game of E3 2017?  Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below.  Happy Gaming!