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Samuel T.


Road to Next-Gen Begins Now

With 2020 having kicked off, all eyes are fixed on Microsoft and Sony as the two Gaming behemoths get ready to duke it out in World War Next-Gen. Here’s how it all stacks up. Yes, both Tech giants have shown…

Top 7 Favourite Games of 2019

Top 7 Favourite Games of 2019

2019 was a phenomenal year for Gaming. Before looking ahead at 2020, we kick off the year by taking a look back at our Top 7 Favourite Games of 2019. We’re Back! Yes we know we’ve been gone for quite…

PS4 Update 7

New PS4 Update 7 adds really cool features

PS4 Update 7 has added a slew of really awesome features for players. I’m interested in a couple of very special noteworthy mentions. Let’s take a quick peek. So we’re going to skip the obligatory, performance, bug fixing improvement notices…