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Marvel's Avengers QuickFire Review

Marvel’s Avengers QuickFire Review

Square Enix has delivered the sort of experience that will leave fans somewhat underwhelmed. Let’s get into the reasons why with our Marvel’s Avengers QuickFire Review

Marvel's Avengers QuickFire Review

This was a tough one to write about for various reasons. Not because it was difficult game to review, but because I could barely bring myself to even talk about this game without getting into a massive rant that would last several thousand words long. With each iteration of the review coming off in the same rant filled way. So I’ve decided to save you from my word-explosion rant and instead give you the short version Marvel’s Avengers QuickFire Review. With this new format review, I will keep it brief and straight to the point. So without any further delay let’s get into it!

Marvel’s Avengers is a massive let down. It’s not necessarily a bad game, it is just not great at all. Mediocre even, which is heartbreaking thing to say about a game I was hugely excited over. But as more Wartable streams were help by the Dev team, the more that excitement began to wane. And then the nail in my excitement coffin came with the Open Beta. I was hoping there would be more to the game than what was on show in that Beta. To some extent there was, but it was all repetitive and samey. And I think that is this game’s biggest sin is just how repetitive it really is.

Marvel's Avengers QuickFire Review

Ok so the story is rather decent to some extent. It mainly revolves around Kamala Khan, AKA Miss Marvel, who is the heart and soul of the story. The super fan who is the glue that sticks this broken team back together. Beyond her heartfelt relationship with Bruce Banner, the story is rather predictable and somewhat mishandles the Avengers themselves. The voice acting is superb in the cutscenes but is absolutely aggravating in-game. You hear a nonstop barrage of one-liners that get rather old rather fast. Worse, their in-game lines don’t seem to sync up with what the characters are doing on screen. Very Annoying. I feel like this should’ve taken a page out of Marvel’s Spider-man in writing an original story that is very engaging and beloved. This one kinda falls flat by the end.

So yes the characters are somewhat different in how they handle and that’s a good thing. However, within the main campaign you barely spend enough time as the different Avengers. You will spend majority of your time as Hulk and Kamala, with the rest of the team getting some very limited screen and game-time. It’s puzzling. And worse is that the campaign missions work in much the same way as the Initiative, Multiplayer Co-Op mode. With the exception of a handful of set pieces that are all pretty much the same with only the setting being different.

Then there’s the useless Loot. So Marvel’s Avengers, in case you missed it, is a looter shooter much like Destiny. Except, the loot only serves to increase stats with no visual value. They even added a button to just equip the most powerful loot you have, completely demonstrating just how little this loot is worth. You want cosmetics? You can have it, if your credit card is buffed enough to handle it, all the character costumes are micro transactions in the many stores within the game. There’s even a Battlepass type system but for each character. This game seems like nothing more than a really expensive Avengers sized Ad in the way that you get costumes for all manner of non-gaming companies. Verizon themed costumes for example. It’s an appalling misuse of the Avengers license. It’s so bad it even locks out a very popular character to one single Platform. That’s like locking out a Character Class from a whole lot of people not on that specific platform.

Marvel’s Avengers is a massive disappointment quite honestly, I’m bored with it a month into it. I will keep an eye on how the game progresses in terms of post launch content additions. But until then, my advise, wait for it to hit the bargain bin, wait for a mega sale, free giveaway or borrow from a friend. This is not a full price purchase game. Buyers beware!


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