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Beyond Light Expansion

Bungie Unleashes the Future of Destiny 2 with Beyond Light Expansion

Fans of Destiny 2 rejoice as there’s a lot of life left in this epic franchise and beyond. Bungie reveals to the world Destiny Beyond Light Expansion and it looks pretty damn good.

Beyond Light Expansion

What we have here, is a new Era in Bungie’s Destiny 2 franchise and it comes packing a lot of great things for fans. Bungie held a stream today where the former Halo studio details to fans the future of Destiny 2. We’ll have the stream available below for you to check out. So we’ll just get to the highlights of what to expect from Destiny 2 Beyond Light Expansion which will be arriving September 2020.

Players of Destiny 2 will for the first time ever have the ability to wield the darkness they have been fighting for so long. Yep, it’s right there in name in case you missed the hints. With that, you will get a new elemental power based on Ice and a brand new location to take the fight to adversaries. Fans will be exploring the frozen Moon of Jupiter, Europa, and you can immediately see the tie in with the ice powers. This of cause with all the usual suite of new weapons, new amour and more.

Bungie even hinted at 2 future expansions to the franchise going further than Beyond Light. Coming in 2021 Will be the expansion The Witch Queen which will be followed by Light Fall in 2022. The most exciting news, however, is for those looking forward to next-gen consoles. Destiny 2 has been confirmed to be coming to both Xbox Series X and PS5. But it doesn’t stop there. Both machines will be running the game at 4K 60fps. And the cherry on the top is that all your content that you purchased on Destiny 2 on your current platform will move on with you to your next-gen console. Add to that, you will get the upgraded Destiny 2 for free if you own a current-gen copy of the game. So Smart Delivery confirmed for Xbox Series X and free bump up for PS5 (I wonder if this sorta confirms PS5 has its own variant of Smart Delivery??).

It is very clear that the studio is heavily invested in the future of the franchise. This has me so excited that I might just jump back into Destiny 2 after being off it for what feels like forever. Check out the Stream below.


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