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Star Citizen Free-to-Play week

Star Citizen Free-to-Play week is currently on

The Massive Multiplayer Online space exploration behemoth, Star Citizen Free-to-Play week is currently running and if you’ve been the slightest bit curious about the early access game. Here’s your chance.

This game has seen a whole lot of exciting and controversial news since it’s inception. From starting as a humble Kick Starter game with huge ambitions and eventually becoming THE most pledged game to date on the crowdfunding platform. It’s been in development for quite a long time and still hasn’t been completed. Not to mention the controversy surrounding its eye-watering in-game ship costs which require a ridiculous amount of real-world cash. None the less, we can’t ignore the cultural significance this game holds in the industry. If you, like me, have been intrigued by the game but not considering dropping cash on unfinished products, good news for you. In case you missed it, Star Citizen Free-to-Play week is currently running on Roberts Space Industries site.

As part of the Invictus Launch of the game, Star Citizen will be free-to-play to everyone for this week until 1 June 2020. Just head over to the site above, download the RSI launcher and get started on the game download. Be warned, the game is quite large, weighing in at a beefy 60 GB. Also, on the subject of warning, the game is in early access so don’t be surprised you come across a weird and wonderful collection of issues and bugs (believe me, that’s what I’ve been experiencing so far). To the point that it feels somewhat broken and unpolished.

That being said, this game has a lot of potential in terms of its scope and attention to detail. Performance is a bit hit and miss but that’s due to the game being hugely optimized. And yet, there’s something really special there, I just can’t put my finger on it. To give you a tiny taste of the experience within the game, here’s our Star Citizen First Steps to Adventure video below. Hurry up and give it a shot before it’s too late and you are back to dropping cash for a broken mess of a gem.