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Iron Man VR Preview

Iron Man VR Preview

Sony surprise drops the Iron Man VR Demo straight out of nowhere. We jump into Tony’s Suit and try it out. Here’s the Iron Man VR Preview.

Every Marvel fan has at some point or another fantasized about getting control of one of Tony Stark’s Iron Man suits. The upcoming Sony PlayStation exclusive, developed by Camouflaj gives you a chance to do just that. And just in case you were wondering how this game goes without spending your hard-earned cash, we’re going to give you a quick Iron Man VR Preview and let you know what’s what in the world of Tony Stark.

Iron Man VR Preview

In the demo, you play a short tutorial on the flight controls of the Iron Man armour as well as handling the suit’s weaponry. It’s extremely basic and everyone should be able to pick up, understand the mechanics and boost your jets to your heart’s content. Easy to learn but extremely difficult to master all the nuances of effective combat and flight in the heat of battle. The ingame UI is very reminiscent of the same kind of UI you see Robert Downy Junior interact with in the Iron Man and Avengers movies. It’s sharp, super slick and easy to get a read on all the info on the HUD.

Once you’ve completed the Tutorial, you move to what I assume to be the first Mission in the full game. You’ve seen this set piece before in all the marketing materials and trailers. This is where Tony and Pepper are attacked in a Stark private jet by drones. After taking a leap of faith hurtling towards the ground, you Armour-up in mid-air and take the fight to the drones. It’s a fun section that lets you play around with some of the suit’s capabilities as well as some interesting interactions like fixing a jet engine that’s on fire. Or using the suit’s immense strength to pry the landing gear out.

Graphics have come quite a long way since the days of the first PlayStation VR games. Iron Man is extremely clean looking with some clever use of motion blur to give emphasis on travelling really fast through the air. Text on the HUD is easy to read you always seem to know what to do within any given mission parameters. An area of concern is the controls for flying. It’s pretty simple at face value. Point your Move controller palms in the opposite direction you want to travel to. Trouble is, making high-speed course correction or dodging enemy fire doesn’t always feel intuitive. Sure you may “feel” like Iron Man while doing it, but you sure don’t look like him while slamming into Rock cliff faces and other in world barriers. It works bt it’s clunky and will take some getting used to.

Once you’re cleared with the small intro chapter, two challenges open up for some more combat and flight practice. They’re challenging and will have you obsessively trying to beat your previous score. Iron Man game is a lot of fun and has a lot of potential. If the game can offer some variety beyond drone shooting gallery, it may end up being the definitive Iron Man game. The demo is available right now for you to try at the PlayStation Store. If you have a PSVR headset and are a huge fan of the Marvel heroes, give it a shot and see if it’s worth buying.


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