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Xbox Series X Specs

Xbox Series X Specs are dropped by Microsoft from the Ether

In a completely unexpected official dump of info out of nowhere, Microsoft has revealed more Xbox Series X Specs. Brace yourself!

This has been a very weird next-generation lead up so far. With Sony just nonchalantly having an information interview and sharing PS5 info with Wired. Microsoft announcing the new console at the Game Awards. It’s all been all out of left field this time around. And that weirdness continues with Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, just out of nowhere confirming Xbox Series X Specs. Well, at least some of the specs. Here’s the low down…

First of the news, 12 Teraflops has officially been confirmed as the graphical computing power. As briefly mentioned at the Game Awards, that’s twice the power of the current “Most Powerful Console”. That’s 8 times the power of the 2013 OG Xbox One. It is going to be an absolute beast and Microsoft knows it. They’re so confident that they’re ahead in the power games that they didn’t even bother to wait for Sony to come out of the games. Now that’s some series flex! We already know about VRS or Variable Rate Shading, the tech that improves gaming performance by rendering images that are in focus at higher fidelity than images that are just at the edge or slightly out of focus for the player.

Resulting in super high res and high detail pixels where it matters the most, straight in front of your eyes. Hardware Raytracing is also confirmed, which we already knew but in case you missed it last time, they have reiterated that feature. Microsoft also bullet-pointed Quick Resume (for multiple games). If you’ve been out of touch with current gaming norms, Quick resume allows you to put your console in sleep mode and launch directly to where you left the game, no loading required. It’s been a pretty handy feature in the current generation, with admittedly, Sony kind of handling it better at the moment. Next-Gen version of the feature will allow multiple games to be suspended at the same time. Perfect for someone like me who’s always between multiple games at any given time. The exact amount of how many is yet to be revealed.

And finally, this is arguably the piece de resistance of the Xbox Series X. Smart Delivery is a feature better known as cross-buy. Or rather, the Next-Gen iteration of that. Long story short, you buy a game for your Xbox One and automagically when you switch to Xbox Series X, your game will be upgraded to the Next-Gen version of the same game. That means no more cross-generational purchases in that weird time before the new console launches. I love it! Here comes the asterisk though this is mandatory for all Xbox Game Studios games, optional for third-party developers. You know what, I’ll take it. More features of the new console are still yet to come. Such as RAM details and CPU clocks and I can’t wait to see what gets revealed next. Some games would be pretty awesome, just saying. Over to you Sony…