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Next-Gen Consoles getting Rainbow Six Seige

Next-Gen Consoles getting Rainbow Six Seige confirmed by Ubisoft

The upcoming Next-Gen consoles are getting a current-gen hit in their launch line up. Next-Gen Consoles getting Rainbow Six Seige Day One. Details ahead.

The closer we get to that Next-Gen launch dates (Which are still unknown), the more news of launch titles will begin hitting the net. It’s a truly exciting time. All the speculation, all the rumours soon will be either proven right or completely miss the mark. One thing that is definitely for sure is that Next-Gen Consoles getting Rainbow Six Seige on Launch day! That’s right guys, Ubisoft has confirmed the news that this smash hit FPS MP game is a cross-gen title.

Next-Gen Consoles getting Rainbow Six Seige

First, let’s get straight what we don’t know. That Launch date I was talking about, yep no clue! Sony and Microsoft have only confirmed a launch window which is Holiday Season 2020. Beyond that, it’s anyone’s guess. And what can we expect from this title on Next-Gen console? Honestly, ditto in terms of those details. That being said, we can make a few educated speculations. I’m expecting the usual suite of higher resolution bump to Native 4K with 4K textures to boot. Throw into the hot mix, locked 60 FPS and hopefully all the expansions to date. What makes this whole set up super weird is that we know PS5 and Xbox Series X will support Backwards Compatibility. Could this mean that if you have a current-gen copy of the game, and are running it on one of the upcoming consoles, you could potentially get an update that bumps the Res and Framerate to the new release?

At this point, it’s really unclear as Sony hasn’t yet come forward with how backwards compatibility will work on their system. What has been confirmed by Ubisoft is that the new game will support Cross-Play with both the Next-Gen versions and Current-Gen versions. Oh and PC of cause! I think we’re probably going to see more games become not only cross-play enabled but also cross-gen-cross-play-with-cross-save (Phew! That’s a lot of crosses). That’s a very exciting prospect indeed.

We’ll leave it there for now, but you can guess more details will be trickling out of the woodworks as we march forth to that Next-Gen release date. What a time to be alive!