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What I Really Want From Next-Gen Consoles

We know the Next-Gen Consoles are just around the corner. We have an idea of what kind of hardware they’re going to be packing. But is prettier graphics really what we want? I have other plans in mind…

It seems with every new Console Generation, comes the promise of more photorealistic graphics. Experiences will be more believable and immersive they say. But in the end, yes we get larger worlds. Mostly empty worlds, but larger none the less. I have a completely different idea of what I want of the upcoming consoles. I’ve come up with the Top 5 things I think should be the focus of PS5 and Xbox Series X.

5 – All the Frame Rates

PS4 Pro and Xbox One X gave us a small hint of a possible future where we can decide to play with either prettier graphics or all the frames. 60 of them every second that is. Not all games hit that target and having to choose seems somewhat last gen. Both console manufacturers have promised that these new versions will give us up to 120 FPS. Instead of choosing between pretty graphics and frames rates, how bout we have our cake and eat it this time around. Give us those 4K visuals and the 60 FPS (Let’s be honest, 120 FPS is a stretch).

4 – Hair Physics

Frostbite Engine showing off Next-Gen Hair Physics

Before you roll your eyes and close the article, give me a second to explain my crazy thought pattern. We’ve been seeing lacklustre video game hair for ages now. Something that looks like ridiculous clumps of polygonal fakery. The closest we’ve gotten is Nvidia hair works which still looks somewhat dated. Enter Next-Gen locks that will sway in the wind like a Mabeline Ad. Our heroes can finally have the customizable look we deserve with the physics to match. Laura’s hair will get wet and behave as expected. Please give me that right now. Just look at the majesty of Becky with the Good hair in the image above…Look at it!

3 – Facial Animations

Next-Gen Unreal Engine Mocap hard at work

I promise this is not another rip on poor old Mass Effect Andromeda. That poor game has been hearing animation jokes for years now. So how bout we make sure that doesn’t happen again. What I expect the minimum standard for all facial animations this gen-round is having Mocap for all major and supporting characters. Naughty Dog is the absolute master when it comes to believable facial animations. And that’s them working with current-gen tech. Imagine if they’re given the horsepower that these new machines will have at their disposal. We’ll be getting close to Gemini Man Mocap in real-time. That’s something to be really excited about. Bring on those next-gen tear-jerking moments!

2 – Ray Tracing Of Cause

NVidia showing off the Power of Ray Tracing

I bet you’re wondering why Ray-Tracing isn’t at the top of the pile. Stay tuned to see what’s “King of the hill”. As for this groundbreaking tech, it holds some rather interesting gaming mechanics if paired with other systems. Imagine if you will, AI that’s able to identify the player character through reflections on windows and other surfaces. I think with a combination of Ray Traced reflections and regular screen-space reflections, it should be easier to produce life-like imagery without the performance hit we currently see with PC RTX games. Also, LOOK HOW SHINY THAT STORMTROOPER LOOKS! The new consoles have been confirmed to have hardware ray-tracing, now let’s see how they put it to good use.

1 – Simulate Everything!

Above all else, it’s gotta be all about the Sims. Erhh, not that “Sims” from EA, I mean the Simulations of everything in the game world. Realistic simulation of Water as it interacts with other game world objects. Simulation of intelligence in NPCs, get the bad guys to work together and coordinate their attacks against the player character! Even to the point of feining you being detected so they can get back up. Simulate skin textures and how it sweats and shins in sunlight. Simulate crowds, simulate vegetation, simulate weather and lighting. These are what will really sell us in the game worlds and for a few moments or more, we’ll even forget it’s not real.

Agree with what I think Next-Gen should hold, or have your own ideas, share your thoughts in the comments section below. Happy-Next-Gen-Gaming!