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PS4 Update 7

New PS4 Update 7 adds really cool features

PS4 Update 7 has added a slew of really awesome features for players. I’m interested in a couple of very special noteworthy mentions. Let’s take a quick peek.

So we’re going to skip the obligatory, performance, bug fixing improvement notices that usually fill all articles about Firmware updates. We’re taking a very South African “Short-Left” and head to the Peirce de resistance! PS4 Update 7 comes packed with 2 very special features that were missed by a whole swath of users. Namely Remote Play. I know what you thinking, we been having it! But not quite everyone until the improvements that were added now.

First of all, Android users who were previously skipped for the feature, in favor of iOS, are now fully supported with Update 7.00. Sony had also locked this feature to Sony Smartphones and the now very dead PlayStation Vita. The Remote Play App is available in the Google Play Store and comes with the full capability of allowing Android users to pair their Dual Shock directly to the phone. That is absolutely awesome and quite surprising that it took this long considering DualShock 4 is a Bluetooth device. Well, it’s there now so you guys can enjoy!

One more thing, if you were an iOS user, you’re probably thinking, we been having it. But, what you didn’t have until iOS13 and Update 7 is full support for Dualshock 4 on iOS, iPad OS and TV OS devices. That’s a game-changer that happen to arrive with all the stars aligned correctly. Thank you Tech Gods! One more request your tech Lord, bless us lowly servants with the ability to Remote Play on Apple TV and Android TV boxes. Let’s wait and see how long it takes for that prayer to be answered. In the meantime, enjoy all that Remote Play goodness that we’ve just received. Amen!