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Comic-Con Africa 2019

Check out the Comic-Con Africa 2019 Photo Gallery

Though Comic-Con Africa 2019 has come and gone in what feels like a flash, we take a peek back at the good times in this photo gallery.

It went by so quickly, you could barely tell that it was a content-packed, 4 days of epic geek and pop culture fandom. Every misstep from last year has been corrected and polished to damn near perfection. It almost goes without saying that I absolutely loved this year’s Comic-Con Africa 2019 even if The Falcon, Anthony Mackie was still nowhere to be seen. Sigh.

Ok to his defence, there was a delay with production in Budapest, which he couldn’t possibly have predicted. Third time’s the charm I guess. Here’s to hoping. But, even with his absence, it was a feature-packed event full of great other talents from actors, to gaming voice actor icons. We had Marvel comic artists and writers. We had some fantastic show of Cosplay and much, much more.

My personal highlight of the event came from my Greatest Geek Icon, William Shatner. The Hollywood A-lister and pop culture Icon was nothing short of hilarious with the time he shared on stage taking all sorts of fan questions from us mere mortals. He’s still got plenty of wit left in that ageing tank and we couldn’t have it any other way. And of cause the dynamic duo that is Nolan North and Troy Baker. Firstly, we had Troy perform music from his albums to the audience during Comic-Con Africa, After Dark concert. Then we had massive amounts of fun in the following evening with their Retro Replay Live event.

Add to that, Marvel comic artists and The Originals Star Daniel Gillies and this stands as the benchmark Comic-Con Africa event to beat in the future. Here’s looking forward to another exciting year for 2020. With all that being said, let’s take a quick peek back at those awesome days we spend there in the below photo gallery. Enjoy Our largest event Photo Gallery yet and can’t wait to join all you guys in 2020.

Comic-Con Africa 2019 Photo Gallery

Photos by Chris Kgorane