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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta Goes Live This Weekend

Ghosts are getting locked, loaded and ready to take on their worst foe yet. Get your hands on the Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta this weekend.

Taking place after the events of Ghost Recon Wildlands, Breakpoint follows the elite squad taking on a Mercenary group that knows their every playbook, the Wolves. A former friend has become a foe and needs to be taken down with extreme prejudice. And for a very select few, you’ll get to try out the anticipated Ghost Recon Breakpoint Beta this coming weekend.

Sadly not everyone is coming for a ride as it isn’t exactly an Open Beta. Ubisoft had beta registrations some time back and if you were able to get registered then, you stand a chance at getting your hands on a Beta Key. Also if you pre-ordered the title, then you too will be getting access to the Beta. Once you have the Key, you’ll be able to Pre-Load the Beta as of today (2-September-2019), giving you plenty of time to download and get ready for the action.

Breakpoint Beta will be running from the 5th September through to the 8th September. We’ve got our hands on our key and will be giving the game a full pre-release workout. Expect a preview of our impressions of the game to drop shortly after the Open Beta, so stay tuned to SkyGamers to get all the feedback if you missed out on the Key. Here’s a little something-something to get you hyped for the Beta below. Enjoy!

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Gamescom PvP Trailer


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