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Modern Warfare Gunfight

Modern Warfare Gunfight Impressions

After an extensive session this weekend with the PS4 exclusive Alpha, I share my Modern Warfare Gunfight impressions. So here’s how it all went down…

The weekend started off on a really bad foot. Modern Warfare Gunfight Alpha test was downloaded no problem the night before. So my excitement was through the roof before it went live. And then Day One happened. Of cause, keep in mind this is still in Alpha state. Oh boy, what a terrible state it was in.

I had numerous problems trying to connect to CoD services. It would take forever trying to just log me into the game. Several reboots of the game later it finally allowed me in. But that’s as far as it went. Matchmaking basically didn’t work, neither did sending out invites to friends. It was a complete mess and I was almost completely over it by the end of Friday night.

Saturday morning came and the gaming gods smiled at us all. Every single issue experienced the previous night was completely eradicated. Good jobs you Infinity Ward lads! Onto the game. First thing’s first. Call of Duty has never looked this good. The tiniest of details litter every scene. From the physically based lighting to the smoke effects after you fire off rounds from your gun. It’s all very very good and this is still Alpha. Speaking of guns, they’re extremely realistic in not just how they look but how the player character handles them, cocks them and swap out mags. The animations are top-notch, not just for a CoD game, but top-notch period. I’m very impressed.

Modern Warfare Gunfight Gameplay

What really sold me though, is the gameplay. In case you missed it, in Gunfight, it’s a 2v2 match with randomized loadouts. It plays pretty similar to Rainbow Six Seige. Plus, no mini-map so you have to find your enemies unassisted. The sound design is truly breathtaking and leans very heavily into the gameplay as you could use the sound of your enemies interacting with their environment to pinpoint their location and get the kill. Headphones are a must in this game mode.

It’s fast and the time-to-kill is far shorter then I’ve experienced in a CoD game for a while now. I actually approve of the TTK. It fits in with the more realistic feel of the game. During the weekend, more maps and another Gunfight mode was added to the Alpha. The secondary Gunfight Mode starts you off with no weapons, and you need to pick them up in the map ala Battle Royale. It’s frantic but extremely rewarding when you get to gun you are very good at before your opponent and land that killing shot. To the both of them.

I thoroughly enjoyed the time I had with Modern Warfare after the initial connections issues were squashed. I can’t wait to have more time with the Open Beta which will be coming soon. Stay tuned for more details on that. For now, check out our gameplay video above. Happy-Gunfight-Gaming!


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