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Wolfenstein Young Blood Releasing Tomorrow

Wolfenstein Young Blood Releasing Tomorrow

If you are a fan of BJ Blazkowicz, then you are no doubt excited about Wolfenstein Young Blood Releasing Tomorrow. So are we, so you better get preloading.

The next chapter in the Wolfenstein series gets ready to kick off. Except, fans of BJ and his escapades will be trading in the Nazi slayer for his twin daughter in Wolfenstein Young Blood releasing tomorrow on your favourite platform new you. What sets this release apart from the previous releases is that the game is built from the ground up to be a Co-op experience.

Players will select one of the two twin daughters of BJ and tackle every mission together. It’s an interesting take on the game’s Nazi shooting formula and we can’t wait to take this game for a spin ourselves. The game is available for Pre-load right now on PSN and Xbox Store. So you have a chance to start the download before the game becomes available at midnight tonight. When the clock strikes Midnight, the game opens up and you good to go about your Nazi killing business.

Personally, I’ve taken the plunge and pre-ordered the game. It’s currently sitting on my PS4 drive just waiting for me to get started. We’ll share more about the game after spending some time with it. Expect the usual social media barrage if in-game videos and pics. And maybe we’ll even drop a review if the time allows. Either way, I’m super excited to jump into the game. Here’s hoping they didn’t screw it up.

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