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Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay

EA Play – Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay

E3 2019 is kicking off and EA has started with a new format EA Play for 2019. First up is Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay which is just so cool.

Let me start by saying, this game looks Freakin’ Epic! Yes! This is exactly what I want out of a Star Wars game. Sorry, excuse my excitement, back to the actual story here. So EA is going with a very different format for EA Play. Instead of having a typical E3 big presentation, they have broken it up into multiple streams with each stream focusing on one game. The first up for EA Play is Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay.

The team behind Titanfall and Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment have shown off 15 minutes of uninterrupted Jedi Fallen Order Gameplay which looks absolutely fantastic. I’m getting Uncharted meets Force Unleashed vibes from this game and it totally works. It’s graphically stunning and the Respawn has confirmed this is a straight up Single Player only game.

We get to see the game world traversal which has some cool Titanfall wall running. The player gets to use force powers to solve some light game world puzzles. And the combat which is a combination of using your light saber, the game world as well as force abilities to tear the storm troopers a new one. It looks like a heck of a lot of fun. Enough talk though, check out the Gameplay video below. Keep coming back to SkyGamers for more of your E3 2019 coverage.


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