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Anthem Demo

Impressions from the Anthem Demo

The Team takes the upcoming Anthem for a spin and I gather my thoughts and share what the experience was like. Here’s Anthem Demo Impressions.

This was an unbelievable mixed bag of love and hate that has me a bit worried about the release of Anthem. The team got together and had numerous sessions with the game during its Public Demo that kicked off Friday, 1st February. Of cause bare in mind that the Anthem Demo is not a complete retail product. That being said, the time left for the game to come out is troubling. So lets just into what I think of the game so far.

Bioware has succeeded at creating a brilliant Ironman game they didn’t know they were building. Seriously, the feeling of having a powerful armoured suit that flies through the air like Ironman is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. And that’s including the official Ironman games. Those were aweful. But there’s more to it than that. There’s a bit of Mass Effect Andromeda DNA in its gunplay. Which was about the best thing about that storied title. It feels good, not great, but good enough.

I also, absolutely love the game world that these Javelins (the armoured suits) and freelancers (the pilots) occupy. There’s potential in the story but I feel like I haven’t quite seen enough to let me know if I will enjoy it or not. It doesn’t quite feel like the epic Bioware storytelling we’ve come to love. But an empty hollow version of it. And this has me worried. But there’s more that has me worried.

Graphically its really breathtaking. Not quite the step into the Next-Gen of gaming we were shown at E3 but more than good enough by today’s standards. However, its a buggy mess. Enemy units just disappear completely from the game world mid battle. In some cases, they just wouldn’t stop spawning in droves. Don’t get me started on the number of times I got kicked to title screen while trying to join a session with SkyGamers team mates. It became quite infuriating by the end of the Demo.

But the most annoying, hateful, potentially deal breaking thing from the game. Is all…those…loading screens. Seriously, some loading screens are infinite (bug obviously, but still annoying). Some just but their ugly heads while you are flying around and it completely breaks the flow of the game. My goodness they will feel like they go on forever, goodness forbid you get kicked to Title screen and have to watch the longest of the loading screens while you wait to dive back in. It’s terrible. Bioware, please take notes from Rockstar on how to do Massive Open Worlds without loading screens. It’s unforgivable in 2019.

Which leads me all to this. I’m getting the feeling that Anthem is not ready for Prime Time. Perhaps a push to December release would’ve given the devs to iron out all of these issues. But that won’t happen, its far too late for that. It’s a fun game no doubt, but I feel it needs more polish. I’ll reserve full judgement for the retail release. Until then, proceed with caution. And Check out our awesome gameplay video below.