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New Unreal Tournament is Dead

New Unreal Tournament is Dead for now

The Unreal Engine 4 Powered, New Unreal Tournament is dead…for now as Epic announced it is taking it off active development.  Crap!

I’m saddened by this news.  Epic Games has announced that the New Unreal Tournament is dead in the water for the time being.  The Unreal Engine 4 powered Multiplayer Arena shooter was in Pre-Alpha stage when Epic canned it.  The difference is that Epic had allowed gamers to download and play it while they were still developing the game.  And I’m one of the gamers who has been actively playing the game on PC from Epic’s launcher app.

Basically Epic has decided to take the game out of active development and to move those resources from this game to Fortnite.  You still will be able to continue playing the Pre-Alpha build.  However, no new maps, features and development is going to go into it.  In addition to that, Epic will be releasing all previous catalogue of older Unreal Tournament games on GOG for gamers to buy and play on current day PC hardware.

As a massive fan of Unreal Tournament, I can’t help but feel disappointed in the pivot towards Fortnite over this classic gem.  Yes Fortnite is the current hotness that’s brining in all the money, but Unreal Tournament is for the ultra hardcore crowd.  I feel they should’ve continued the game with a small team of Devs to get it finished so we can have an official new UT game.  Sadly, it doesn’t look like that is on the cards for the franchise.  Worse, is that its future is now up in the air.  Sigh!