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Grand Turismo update version for PS4

Grand Turismo update version for PS4

I’m not sure how Forza fans feel but Grand Turismo has proven to be one of the prettiest and smoothies racing games thus far. With that, we bring the Grand Turismo update version for PS4.

The Grand Turismo sport update version 1.30 is more of a quick fix / hotfix after the update that was released on the 6th Nov. Update version 1.30 fixes minor issues to bring fans a better racing experience.

The patch notes are as follows:

  • Sport Mode
  1. Corrected the issues below where the race start was not working properly in the Daily Races and Championships:
  2. At the time of race start, the player’s car that should be in motion is stopped and stuck at the start position. Sometimes this also shows the car jittering to the left and right.
  3. At the time of race start, the car starts from halfway through the track
Bug Fixes in Gran Turismo Sport 1.30

Gran Turismo Sport version 1.30 added fixes for crashing issues.
Added performance and stability improvements.
Various minor UI bug fixes.
Added some fixes for glitches.
Also added fixes for various other issues with Gran Turismo Sport version 1.30.

Happy Racing

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