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Tetris Effect Demo

Tetris Effect Demo is Live on PSN

If you are a huge fan of the blocky puzzle game, you’re in for some great news.  Tetris Effect Demo is now Live on PSN.  Get ready to pack your suitcase like the game.

During E3 2018, Sony showed off the return of a gaming classic icon.  The game that may/or may not have caused players to begin hallucinating the blocks in real life.  It had a Spring release date.  We have some good news for you.  Tetris Effect Demo is now Live on PSN.  Which means you can try out the game’s block stacking and take you way back to the old days.

What makes this version of Tetris Effect that much more excited, is the baked in PS VR support.  That’s in case the 2D version of the game doesn’t get you all trippy enough.  You can throw yourself completely into the psychedelic world in VR and get the fabled Tetris Effect which the game is named after.  In case you are wondering, Tetris Effect was the phenomena that see players changing how they back their suitcase in a way that emulates the game.   It’s also been contributed to Block hallucinations in real life.

The Demo will contain 3 Campaign modes out of 27 in the final.  As well as 2 Effect modes out of 10 in the final version.  The full game will release on PS4 on the 9th November.  As always, keep coming back to the SkyGamers.co.za.  Happy Tetris-Effecting.