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Drake buys eSports Company

Rapper Drake buys eSports Company

Mega Star Canadian Rapper, Drake buys eSports Company.  This news is not quite as shocking as you think.  Step into my office and I’ll tell you why…

eSports is a pretty big industry today.  Nothing rings more true than having one of the biggest megastar rapper investing his money on an eSports entertainment company.  Drake buys eSport Company.  To be more precise, he is now co-owner for eSports Entertainment company, 100 Thieves.  The company is a lifestyle eSports and apparel company that was created by former Call of Duty Pro gamer, Matt Haag.

This isn’t entirely surprising.  First off, Drake is known to be heavily involved in gaming to the point of hosting his own streams on Twitch.  And it’s no surprise that he’s hugely popularly.  More to nail the point of how this isn’t surprising, Drake himself has partnered with 100 Thieves before.  They’ve collaborated on his tour for Scorpion, providing gaming station and working on clothing projects together.  So it’s pretty good to see such an A-lister take a deep love and passion for gaming to the point of actually buying a company in the industry.

We can’t wait to see where this partnership leads in the future.  As always, Stay tuned to SkyGamers for more of your favourite gaming news.  Don’t forget to support the Creators Ball charity stream that will be taking place this weekend.  It’s all for a good cause.  Happy Gaming!