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Top 10 Games for HDR TV owners

Top 10 Games for HDR TV owners

Our Gaming Leaderboard is back.  Today, we look at the Top 10 Games for HDR TV owners.  Spoilers Alert, It’s all about pretty graphics and nothing more.

Let’s say you’ve finally dropped some hard cash on a brand spanking new 4K HDR TV.  You’re super excited about this awesome purchase but you really wanna put this bad boy through its paces.  Movies and TV series are a nice entry but that’s not really the eye candy you looking to see.  You want Bold, beautiful and High Dynamic Ranged games.  Enter our Gaming Leaderboard for Top 10 Games for HDR TV.  To make this list, we’re not looking at gameplay or story, its all about pure pixel pushing power on consoles.  Sorry PCMR, the list literally has “TV” in the title so we’re looking at console games only.  Ok, now that housekeeping is taken care off, let’sts move on to the list.

Top 10 Games for HDR TV


From the Ex-Evolution Studios team.  The makers of the beautiful DriveClub and Motorstorm games before it.  ONRUSH (hey that’s how they wrote the title ok, it’s not us!) features some gorgeous fast-paced HDR visuals.  That mix up the tracks by having different seasons of the year as well as day/night cycles.  If you own a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X, and enjoy arcade racing.  Add this to your collection ASAP.

9.  Injustice 2

Perhaps racing games aren’t your thing.  If you prefer kicking the snot out of costumed heroes, what better way to flex those pixels than to play Injustice 2.  The critically acclaimed fighting game proves that the first game wasn’t a mere fluke.  It takes it one step further by imbuing its visuals with a rich coloured pallet and beautiful Dynamic range.  Super Heroes never looked this good in any game before.  A top-notch facial animation is also the order of the day.  A must own for DC fans.  Now if only the DC movie universe can add some colour from these games, I’d be a happy man.

8.  Hitman

If you haven’t played the latest Hitman title…shame on you.  Also, it’s a masterpiece of HDR, digital assassination fantasy.  Agent 47 has never looked this good before.  And once the game received its retroactive HDR upgrade patch, Agent 47’s world of Hitman looked better than ever.  Sapienza Level is breathtaking, just look at it above and tell me I’m wrong.  You won’t, cause I right.

7. Resident Evil 7

Welcome to Hillbilly Hell.  What a return to form for the survival horror franchise.  Every moment spent looking at the HDR visuals is spent in absolute nerve wrenching terror.  The dark scenes are pitch black and hiding all manner of unspeakable evil.  We’re not even going to talk about Marguerite.  If you want 1 gorgeous horror game in your HDR collection, this is it.

6.  Mass Effect Andromeda

Okay look, let’s forget about this game’s storied existence for a bit.  Yes it was buggy.  Yes, it had horrendous facial animation.  But you can never argue about its gorgeous visuals.  The HDR implementation here is among the very best in gaming.  The vibrant colours of the game worlds are better than ever when played on a 4K HDR TV.  Just focus on that instead of the shoddy everything else.

5.  WipeOut Omega Collection

If an Xbox One X owner starts running their mouth about PS4 Pro not being able to do Native 4K 60 FPS with HDR, just point them to the breathtaking WipeOut Omega Collection.  And watch them shut their mouths.

4.  Rise of the Tomb Raider

Whether you’re playing Rise of the Tomb Raider on Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, it looks absolutely breathtaking in every single scene you experience.  Lara is more gorgeous than ever.  Her surroundings are more gorgeous than ever.  You’re gonna love exploring tombs with the dynamic lighting showing off your HDR TV’s capabilities to the max.

3.  Forza Motorsport 7

Forza just beats out its competition, the phenomenal Gran Turismo Sport, by having a much sharper Native 4K60 presentation.  As opposed to the GTS’ 1800p, softer, Checkerboard rendering.  Every car, track and varies dynamic weather conditions are worth experiencing on a 4K HDR TV.  This is THE Definitive 4K60 experience on console.

2.  God of War

Where do I even begin with this title?  The lighting makes perfect use of HDR technology.  The materials reflect the light in the most artistic, yet realistic manner.  The stunning physics-based particle effects that are used in almost reckless abandon.  The clothing and armour materials are second to none.  You won’t even notice that the game isn’t a Native 4K presentation.  This is probably the very best Checkerboard rendering presentation of any game to date.  This isn’t only the best game of the generation.  It’s also one of the very best looking bar none.

Honourable Mention – Horizon Zero Dawn

Read our review of the game, then go buy it.  It’s stunning.

 1.Ratchet and Clank

When it comes to HDR gaming, Ratchet and Clank is the very best of the pile.  There’s something about how the game looks virtually indistinguishable to a Pixar movie.  Everything about this title looks, correct.  As you would expect from a mega-budget animated movie.  Except, it’s in-game and running in real-time.  If you own a PS4 Pro and really want to experience visual eye-candy like you’ve never done before.  Ratchet and Clank, 4K HDR TV and off you go!

Do you agree with our list?  Perhaps there are other HDR games you think we missed.  Share your thoughts in the comments section below.  As always, keep coming back to SkyGamers.  Happy HDR-Gaming!