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No Mans Sky Next

No Mans Sky Next finally has me sold

No Mans Sky Next is poised to bring all those lofty promises of the launch title to gamers.  At no extra cost.  And I’m going to share why I’m finally sold.

It’s no secret that No Mans Sky was released to less than stellar reviews.  One would even go as far as to say it was absolutely nothing like what Hello Games promised it would be.  Just an empty hollow husk of a really great idea.  I’ll admit that I was very excited about the game leading up to the launch.  But for various reasons, I never pulled the trigger on the purchase.  Then all the reviews came out and made me completely abandon all hopes of ever owning the game.  Until now, with the upcoming No Mans Sky Next Update.

If we look back at the time since launch, I have to give massive credit to Hello Games (the studio behind the game).  They sold millions of copies based on those lofty promises.  Instead of taking the money and running, they kept working on the title.  Silently and diligently adding feature after feature.  With each no free update, more of that original vision kept slowing becoming a reality.  And the culmination of those 2 years of work is this massive Next Update.

The biggest addition is of full Multiplayer support.  Gamers will not only be able to explore the infinite procedurally generated universe with friends but will now have a customized avatar.  Complete with full 3rd person view.  The promise of massive Freighter ships which you can command from a “Mother Ship” of your own?  Yep, that’s in the update.  Planetside Bases that you can design and build, Check.  Recruit Alien beings to assist with the day to day runnings of the bases, Check.  Land-based ATV’s, that’s already included, but yes, Check!  And of cause, a rich campaign with a coherent story is also a Check and Check.

Now I’m merely just scratching the surface of this huge update.  Check out the announcement trailer below for more details.  None the less, I’m impressed with everything they’ve achieved.  This game has gone from being something that couldn’t be touched with a 10-foot pole, to the game I absolutely must experience.  I was planning on maybe giving it a try should it be made free for PS Plus subscribers someday.  I change my mind, they have definitely earned my money.  I’m sold.

In hindsight, perhaps all Hello Games needed to do in 2016 was release the game as an “Early Access” title.  With the full launch being what is now called the Next Update.  The best part is that Xbox One gamers can now also join in on the fun (not crossplay though, that’s a story for another day).

No Mans Sky Next Update Trailer