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RUSH 2018 Day 2 Photo Gallery

Check out the RUSH 2018 Day 2 Photo Gallery

Day 2 is packed with even more action than we got for the first.  Check out all the pics we have from the awesome day in our RUSH 2018 Day 2 Photo Gallery.

Today was a huge day packing tons of action from the various tournaments on the show.  We got to see nail biting, the edge of seat CS: GO match between teams WhiteRabbit and Energy eSports.  That was by far the highlight of the show.  Not to mention the intense FIFA 18 match with so close it had to go down to Penalty Shootouts to determine the winner.  All that and tons more.  While you wait for our YouTube video with the noteworthy highlights, here’s the RUSH 2018 Day 2 Photo Gallery below.

RUSH 2018 Day 2 Photo Gallery

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