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Battle Royale

Lets talk about the Battle Royale problem

So I got a little something I need to get off my chest about the state of our favorite pastime.  We need to have a bit of a chat about this Battle Royale problem.

Yes, Battle Royale is now a thing that is pretty much taken the gaming industry by storm.  You can play this subgenre on pretty much any platform you throw your gaming at.  Now this one heck of a double-edged sword which I think we need to address.  So bare with me for a minute while I express my feels about this BR thing.

One of the moments that really had my eyes rolling during the EA Play E3 event was when DICE announces that a feature we’ve all been requesting is heading to Battlefield V.  “Yeah, Royale!”.  For a moment I was thinking to myself, that’s a nice joke you guys, well done taking that shot at CoD.  Then a moment later I realized, NOOOO, they’re serious!  Yep Battlefield V is adding a “me too” to their suite.  I’m not exactly sure how this is even a fit for a game like Battlefield but none the less, there it is you guys are getting it even if you didn’t ask of it.

Now it may seem at face value that I’m massively anti-Battle Royale.  On the contrary, I absolutely love playing Fortnite as much, if not more, as the next person.  I haven’t even given PUBG a try yet until it’s properly sorted for Xbox One.  However, since the popularity of Fortnite’s version of the mode has taken off, every single Tom, Dick, and Harry is adding the mode to their games.  Including Call of Duty removing the fan favorite Campaign mode in favor of Royale.  I’m one of the gamers who will entirely skip out on BLOPS 4 because of the lack of campaign mode.  The Black Ops series is among the very best of single-player experiences in the CoD franchise.  Also sporting the best stories of the series.  Now we get Ro-freakin-yale instead of a great campaign.  And that’s just ruining my vibe.

DICE has also decided to follow suit and add this, little-more-than derivative mode to their game as well.  Granted, they might actually come up with some interesting Battlefield-esque destructibility to the subgenre which would be cool.  And I suppose you could argue adding a feature is far better than removing another.  But still, I can’t shake this feeling like it just isn’t a Battlefield experience no matter how you dress it.  This Royale infestation is getting so bad that you everywhere you look on Digital Storefronts, you’re greeted by a ton of the stuff.

Just stop already, yes PUBG might be great, Fortnite amazing but everyone else doesn’t have to follow the trend.  If we blink for a moment, Destiny 2 might just announce a Royale mode.  Why stop there, why not add it to The Division?  Or Paladins! (Too late, it’s called Realm Royale sigh…) . My point is big publishers are chasing where the money is (Not to quote an idiot from the EA E3 Showcase) and as a result are becoming less and less innovative.  We’re just getting derivatives of other games that were successful at trying something new.

This is not what I want from my love for gaming.  100 different-same games.  This has to stop and they need to start pumping their money and resources into studios that are willing to try new things.  Break the mould a bit and come up with the next new awesome thing.  Until that gets copied a million times too.