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Bethesda E3 Briefing

Highlights from Bethesda E3 Briefing

Even though E3 2018 is coming to a close, we’re going to share some of the highlights from the various presentations.  We continue our coverage by checking Bethesda E3 Briefing Highlights.

This year’s E3 has been packed with such a huge amount of content that it was hard to try and keep up with all the news.  There were times were presentations would overlap and new info coming out on a daily.  None the less, we soldier on with the coverage.  Yes, E3 is winding down to a close but we’ll still be covering details just a tad bit longer.  Now onto the main event, the highlights from the Bethesda E3 Briefing.  Honestly, Bethesda had a really great showing this year.  Filled with crowd pleasers and titles that no one really expected.  Let’s check out some highlights:

Rage 2

Starting with Rage 2.  I lot of gamers were wondering why this game was even made, considering the previous title was a bit of a mixed bag.  I for one, am one of those who actually enjoyed the game.  It was on some levels ahead of its time and on others really lagged behind.  in any case, Bethesda kicked off their show with the title that was leaked way ahead of time.  Thanks, Walmart Canada. We got a brand new action-packed Gameplay trailer.  Vehicular combat returns looking more like a Burnout game with guns.  Open world transitions from vehicle to on foot is seamless.  Your player character will take down enemies with the iconic Wingsticks along with new abilities.  I love how the gameplay now seems very similar to DOOM in terms of fast-paced action.  The game will be coming out in Spring 2019.

ElderScrolls Online Expansion Summerset

Fans of the online Elderscrolls game will be thrilled as a new expansion is heading your way.  Bethesda unleashed a gameplay trailer that showed off the beautiful visuals of the DLC.  Summerset, as the expansion is titled, will feature for the first time in an Elderscrolls game, Werewolves.

DOOM Eternal

This was my favorite announcement of the show.  DOOM sequel is officially on the way.  Titled DOOM Eternal, the game got a very short teaser, but from what we can tell, it will feature a Hell-on-earth setting.  Its been confirmed that the sequel to my favorite FPS game will feature twice and many demons as the first.  More news will be released at this year’s QuakeCon.  No release date has been announced yet.

Quake Champions

Quake Champions makes its second E3 appearance and no, the game is not ready for primetime yet.  What we got instead is an announcement of new features being added to the game.  A noteworthy highlight is that a Trial for the Beta is available right now for a limited time.  The best part of the trial is that after it closes, you will still get to keep your game.  It sure doesn’t get better than that.  Head over to the Quake Champions site to register and download and play.

Prey Mooncrash DLC

This was such a pleasant surprise.  The love letter to the FPS genre that is Prey is getting an unexpected DLC called Mooncrash.  Oh, and it’s completely free!  What you get out of this deal is a New Game Plus Mode and Survival Mode.  You’ll play on a Moonbase but with a massive twist.  Every playthrough is completely different.  When you die the entire level is procedurally generated so you never have the same experience twice.  A new Typhon hunter Mode which features 1 v 5 multiplayer gameplay is coming soon.  Mooncrash is available right now.

Wolfenstein Young Blood

Yet another surprise announcement no one saw coming.  Wolfenstein gets a new game.  Young blood is a co-op experience that features BJ’s twin daughters.  The setting is now 1980’s and is expected to launch in 2019.  Not much else has been confirmed about the game, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground for more details.

Fallout 76

Bethesda E3 Presentation

This is the big one, the game Bethesda has spent quite a lot of time to let fans know all the details about the game.  Previously teased at Xbox’s showing, they blew the lid off with this showing.  As mentioned before, its a prequel to all Fallout games.  The location has moved to West Virginia now.  The game uses a New rendering system with higher detail than any Fallout game before.  Players will encounter New creatures.  The biggest departure though is that it is now an Online shared world shooter, that can be played solo (rumors confirmed).

Furthermore, Co-op progression will move with you to friends games.  They’ve also improved on building mechanics of the Fallout 4 with the added bonus of being able to move your buildings around.  Plus, those same buildings I just spoke about, are completely destructible by creatures or weather anomalies.  So try not to get attached to them.  Now, this is the coolest feature yet.  On the map, there are Nuke Silos which please can find access keys and capture them.  Once captured, you have the ability to completely Nuke your nemesis’ base right off the face of the earth.  Trouble is, that area will become a new, irradiated wasteland.  And yes, there will be a Beta coming soon.  Fallout 76 will arrive 14 November 2018.

ElderScrolls Blades Mobile game

What this is, is the full Elder Scrolls console-like experience on a mobile device.  But it doesn’t just end there.  The mobile game features procedurally generated dungeons that are different every time you play them.  It’s got a robust character customizations system.  You could entire play the game in portrait mode. Did I mention that this entire game is open world?  As if that isn’t impressive enough,  it features VR support across all platforms and features Cross-platform play.  To put it in a way that’s mind-blowing, a player on mobile can play with a PC player on VIVE VR.  You should probably get registering for Early Access.

Confirmed for Next-Gen

To close off this very special E3 showing, Bethesda confirmed 2 huge properties that are currently in development for Next-Gen system.  Bethesda unveils its first new IP in decades.  A little game called Starfield.  Yep, it’s real folks and it will be on your PS5 and Xbox Two??  Followed by another highly anticipated title, Elder Scrolls VI!

Bethesda did a really great job with this year’s E3 showing.  There were a ton of surprises.  DLC’s and trials that were made available on that very night was an awesome touch from the publisher.  All in all, an impressive showing.  So, Who’s Next?