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E3 2018 - EA Press Event

Watch the E3 2018 – EA Press Event Stream

We kick this event into gear with the first presentation.  E3 2018 – EA Press Event is just a mere couple of hours away.  Head inside after the break to watch the stream.

E3 2018 is kicking off with nonother than the world’s most hated publisher.  I mean sure they have some rather great titles in their stable, but their business practices have left a rather sour taste in the mouths of gamers.  None the less, EA could still blow us away with the games they’re packing to E3.  We already know of Battlefield V and the usual EA sports stable.  What we can’t wait to see from EA is some more of Anthem.  Personally, I hope we get some info on Respawn Entertainment’s Star Wars project.  In any case it should be interesting to see how it all pans out.  Check out the E3 2018 – EA Press Event below.

E3 2018 – EA Press Event