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Tetris makes a come back in VR

Yesterday Sony dropped their first Pre-E3 announcement game which was surprising, the return of Tetris. With some added twist to the mix.  Hop inside and check out the details.

Classic puzzle gamers rejoice.  Tetris makes an unexpected comeback on PS4.  Developed by the team behind Rez Infinite, this title gets a huge HD upgrade.  By the way, the game is officially titled Tetris Effect.  The biggest change comes in the form of the inclusion of PS VR support.  That’s right, you’ll be able to get your block stacking on in VR.

And just like Rez, players will be treated to some trippy, colorful particle effects.  It’ll be like looking at the universe move about while looking a lot like jellyfish.  The game will be releasing later this year.  With the demo confirmed to also release sometime soon.  We’ll post final details as soon as Sony releases them.

All in all, I’ll admin the Pre-E3 announcement is a decent idea, but I felt the entire affair somewhat underwhelming.  I was expecting a bit more.  Something along the lines of the Black Ops 4 reveal.  Alas, it was said and done in no time at all.  Don’t forget to check back to SkyGamers for more Pre-E3 announcements which will be happening until Sony’s actual E3 presentation on Sunday.  Happy Streaming!


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